October 15th, 2009

Fast Company: “‘Glo’ Digital Bible Answers: What Would Jesus Click?”

Call it Bible 2.0: Glo, a “Bible for a digital world,” goes on sale today for $90. Function-wise, it’s analogous to DVD-based digital encyclopedias. The NIV text is linked with more than 500 360-degree panoramas of holy sites, 7,500 encyclopedia articles, 2,400 photos, 700 pieces of art, and 3.5 hours of HD video.

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11 Responses to “Fast Company: “‘Glo’ Digital Bible Answers: What Would Jesus Click?””

  1. Jacky Lam says:

    Please!!! I can’t wait any more for Chinese edition. Please consider the following suggestions:
    i) Include different languages together for cross reference
    ii) Include dictionary to look up difficult words
    iii) Include some tools for daily bible story

    Thanks for the great work! God bless your product.

  2. Jim says:

    I’ve had the advance copy since Willow Creek Summit and think that is a great resourc

  3. Joe says:

    Intricate thats a cool piece. Im commencement to see a occur in retro cunning themed technique lately with the us old farts who grew up with a nintendo controller in hand. The craftsmanship work looks great, with a infantile spunk of video games we loved. This is a subtle retrospective if anything of where our epoch came from.
    Regards, Joshuah

  4. Really enjoyed the preview…very nice work putting the globible together.. Wm

  5. I like this post and I have gone ahead and bookmarked it as – http://globible.com/blog/?p=81 at Digg.com so everone on my email list can read your post as well. I used – ” Fast Company: “‘Glo’ Digital Bible Answers: What Would Jesus Click?” « Glo Bible: Glo Blog ” as the entry on Digg and I might add it to one of my Squidoo pages as a link if the reaction from my email list is good. Thanks again, Great stuff.

  6. John says:

    I never even heard of this until I was googling around today. The HD video fot he holy sites is what I look forward to. Always good to watch.

  7. Great post. Will check back!

  8. Very novel way. I always loved reading NIV bible now this feature would be really good specially while reading it with my 2 children !

  9. As Newsweek points out, the content of Glo is steadfastly uncontroversial. For example, it doesn’t take a stance on homosexuality or evolution.

  10. Bro. Elliot says:

    We were always taught that reading anything except the actual Bible was sin. We were also told not to read the NIV. But since switching churches and reading and studying the NIV, my understanding has increased dramatically. Now, I can study the Scriptures right from my computer and I don’t have to be online to do! Thanks, for the help and God Bless!