Glo for iPhone

Glo is an award-winning interactive Bible that brings the text of Scripture to life through HD videos, high-resolution images, articles, 360-degree virtual tours, and much more. Glo for iPhone includes 4 lenses: Bible, Media, Atlas and the personalized "Me" Lens. It is the perfect companion to Glo for your computer!
Glo is a connected app that requires internet access for installation and some features. Learn More
International, English


iPhone with iOS v3.2 or greater

Available Lenses

Bible, Media, Atlas, Me


FAQ's and How-to's

Glo Lite for iPhone

The award-winning Glo Bible on iPhone includes the bestselling NIV translation FREE! Glo Lite includes:



  • NIV (British Text)
  • KJV


  • NKJV
  • NKJV Study Bible
  • MacArthur Study Bible
  • ESV
  • ESV Study Bible

Media Access *

  • Photo Samples
  • 360° Virtual Tour Samples
  • Artwork Samples
  • In His Shoes interactive video 2 chapter samples
  • Web Videos
  • Web Articles
  • Map Samples


  • Add Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlights to verses
  • Upgradable to Glo Premium

Glo Premium for iPhone

In-App Upgrade
Upgrade to Premium for the full award-winning Glo Bible experience. Glo Premium gives you full access to all Glo media, translations and features on your iPhone. Plus, you can install on up to 5 devices including Mac and PC, and access Premium media & features - even those not currently available on the iPhone.


  • Bible
  • Media
  • Atlas
  • Me
  • (plus access to all lenses on Mac & PC)


  • British Text NIV
  • KJV
  • ESV
  • The Message

Media Access *

  • NIV Study Notes
  • 2,300+ High Resolution Photos
  • 450+ 360° Virtual Tours
  • 650+ Works of Art
  • 3.5 hour In His Shoes Interactive video documentary
  • 140+ maps
  • 7,500+ Articles
  • Web Videos
  • Web Articles


  • Add Notes, Bookmarks, and Highlights to verses
  • (plus all other added features and benefits of Glo for Mac and Glo for PC)
  • Free web updates with improvements, links and new content.
* Glo Requires Internet Connection